UNILAK collaborates with HEC to advance internationalization policies

UNILAK hosted a significant meeting on the 8th of December, 2023, welcoming delegates from the Higher Education Council. The primary agenda of the gathering was to deliberate on the policy framework concerning the internationalization of higher education, an initiative spearheaded by the Higher Education Council itself.

Throughout the meeting, representatives from various departments at UNILAK recounted their journeys, showcasing the steps made in advancing internationalization efforts. Stories of successful student exchange programs, collaborative research endeavors with global partners, and initiatives promoting cultural diversity were vividly narrated.

Dr. Emmanuel Hakizimana, the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academics and Research at UNILAK, articulated the institution’s commitment to fostering a globally-oriented academic environment.

“Our engagement in international partnerships has been transformative, opening doors for cross-cultural learning and expanding the academic horizons of our students and faculty,” he remarked, reflecting on the university’s internationalization endeavors.

The exchange of experiences during the meeting illuminated the diverse approaches undertaken by UNILAK departments in their pursuit of global engagement.