Over 1,000 UNILAK graduates urged to lead change, make positive impact

Graduates of the academic year 2023-2024 of the University of Lay Adventists of Kigali
(UNILAK) were urged to make an impactful change in the world to benefit Rwandans
and others who live in the country.
This was highlighted by the guest of honour, Rose Mukankomeje, the Director General
of the Higher Education Council (HEC) during UNILAK’s 18th graduation ceremony held
on June 20, at the university’s headquarters in the City of Kigali, Gasabo District.
“Transform the world, and don’t be left behind, change the world in a better way that
every Rwandan will enjoy living in,” Mukankomeje said.
She told graduates that the government is standing in support of them to advance their
While delivering his speech at the ceremony where 629 females and 487 males
graduated, bringing the total to 1,116 graduates, Prof Dr Alex Butera, Chancellor of
UNILAK, applauded the graduates for the significant milestone attained.
He stated that the celebration was due to their relentless hard work, dedication, and
unwavering commitment to excel.

“We are filled with immense pride and admiration for all you have achieved. From the

early days of orientation to the countless hours spent in various areas of learning at this
institution, you have shown resilience, determination, and a thirst for knowledge,” he
Prof. Butera motivated the graduates to carry the values and principles that have been
the cornerstone of their education at the university as they step forward into the next
chapter of their lives.
He encouraged them to strive for excellence, uphold integrity, and always be curious
and open to learning, highlighting that education is a lifelong journey.
“As you leave this institution, you are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to
excel and a deep sense of purpose and responsibility to impact positive change in
Rwanda. Whether you choose to further your studies, enter the workforce, or embark on
other adventures, know that you have the power to make a difference.
“Use your talents and education to create positive change, innovate, and inspire those
around you,” Prof. Butera advised.

He mentioned that the foundation will enable them to navigate the world with confidence
and uprightness, make a meaningful impact, and leave a legacy.
The academic and administrative staff were also acknowledged for their unwavering
education and guidance that was instrumental in modelling the graduates, stressing that
their commitment to excellence and diligent support provided the learners with the
knowledge to bloom.
Prof Jean Ngamije, Vice Chancellor of UNILAK, commended graduates for their
individual and collective achievements in reaching their accomplishments and
emphasized that graduates demonstrated academic excellence, resilience, and
adaptability in the face of challenges.
Prof. Ngamije urged the alumni to stride into the next phase of their lives and reflect on
their journey, stressing that their achievements are a testament to their commitment and
the support of their families, friends, and the entire UNILAK community.
“Remember to embrace the values and knowledge you have gained during your time
here. The world you are entering is filled with opportunities and uncertainties. Embrace
each challenge as a chance to grow and make a positive impact,” Prof.Ngamije urged.
He encouraged graduates to stay connected with their peers and the university, as the
bonds they have crafted will be a foundation of strength and motivation.
“Your journey has been filled with challenges, but you have emerged glorious, equipped
with knowledge and skills that will serve you well in your future endeavours.
“For our administrators and educators, your guidance and strategies have enabled our
graduates to reach new paths. Your determination and commitment, service, and
excellence have created a conducive environment for our students,” said Dr Papias
Niyigena, Chairperson of the Board of Directors at UNILAK.