Over 1000 thousands graduates decorated in the 16th academic graduation ceremony

This July 21st, 2022; the University of Lay Adventists of Kigali saw its 16th academic graduation ceremony where 1012 graduates were decorated.

Among those graduates 889 got their bachelor’s degrees while 123 got their master’s degrees. 80% of all the graduates were females.

The short course of CISCO also saw its 17 finalists who got their certificates of completion.

In his speech, the Vice Chancellor of UNILAK, Professor Jean NGAMIJE congratulated the graduates for their well deserved achievements and encouraged them to be innovative and make impact in the society.

The graduates have completed their master’s and undergraduate levels in the faculties of Economic Sciences and Management, Law, Environmental studies, Computing and Information Sciences.

The ceremony brought together all the graduates from the UNILAK campuses of Kigali, Nyanza and Rwamagana.