Nyanza Campus welcomes New Students

New students of the University of Lay Adventists of Kigali- Nyanza Campus were warmly welcomed at the campus.

“We are happy to receive you within our campus, we wish you success during your academic journey that you are undertaking; we wish to see you achieving great things,” Dr. Denise Mukandoli, the coordinator of Nyanza Campus addressing the new students.

The coordinator urged them to work in line with the UNILAK Motto which is “Knowledge and Wisdom”; she tells them to always remember that they are at UNILAK for the major purpose which is acquiring knowledge and that the latter will help them to better serve their respective countries.

The afresh students were introduced to the different departments available at Nyanza campus,  and were therefore given information on the profile of a graduate from each of these departments as well as all the services given by these departments among them registration, transfers within departments where necessary, arrangements for exams as well as marks communication.

Apart from formal education; UNILAK offers also a spiritual education, it is in that line new comers were welcomed to church services offered on Sabbath day and were also told that every year UNILAK organizes a spiritual week whereby students and staff are preached on different topics and at the closing of this spiritual week a baptism is offered to those who need it.

Students were urged to take UNILAK as their second home, to live in harmony and helping each other in their daily life at campus. They were also called to join different clubs and associations working within UNILAK.

The one day induction held this Monday saw 119 students among them nationals and international students; all of them have registered for January Intake.