National Public Service Commission conducts sensitization campaign at UNILAK

In an effort to enlighten and prepare the upcoming workforce, the National Public Service Commission (NPSC) conducted a sensitization campaign on the recruitment process in the public service at UNILAK this Wednesday. The campaign targeted final-year students who are gearing up to enter the job market upon completion of their studies.

The National Public Service Commission, which plays a crucial role in overseeing the recruitment and selection processes for various government positions, has been actively engaging with universities across the country. These campaigns serve to unveil the numerous opportunities available within the public service and encourage the youth to consider and apply for jobs in the government sector.

During the session held at UNILAK, the National Public Service Commission (NPSC) representatives delved into the entire recruitment process, providing students with valuable insights from the initial application stage to the final job placement.

Students attending the session expressed gratitude for the informative campaign, acknowledging the clarity it provided regarding the steps involved in securing a position within the public service. They appreciated the NPSC’s efforts in guiding them through the process.

As the campaign concluded, the NPSC encouraged students to explore the diverse career opportunities available in the public service and assured them of a fair and transparent recruitment process.

The event concluded with a Q&A session, allowing students to seek further clarification on specific aspects of the recruitment process.

The NPSC’s commitment to engaging with educational institutions reflects a broader initiative to cultivate a competent and principled workforce for the nation’s public service.

These sensitization campaigns play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between academic knowledge and practical career pathways, ensuring a smooth transition for students entering the job market.