Motto, Mission ,Vision & Core Values

  • Motto

    Knowledge and Wisdom


    The Vision of UNILAK is to become a leading University in Africa, grounded in Christian values, we strive for excellence in education, research, and community service.


    The Mission of UNILAK is to promote integral education, scientific and technological research, community service and any other thing that may directly or indirectly contribute to the real development of Rwanda.

    Core values

    To provide the advancement of man in wholeness through imparting skills, values and attitudes that are founded on the Biblical truth, while ethically and professionally sharing the knowledge with our community and the world. UNILAK offers students an opportunity to prepare themselves for responsible participation in a society that honors GOD and respects Humanity with an enthusiastic concern for truth, honesty, harmony and beauty in all academic disciplines and activities.

    The core values of the School are:

    ·       Integrity

    Being honest to all and committed to God in all things.

    ·       Devotion

    Demonstrating love, loyalty, and enthusiasm for a person, activity, or a just cause.

    ·       Sustainable Development

    Producing generations of people that engage their communities in a continuity of seeking human race knowledge   improvement.

    ·       Discipleship

    Showing students how to live out faith through friendship, love, and truth.

    ·       Partnership

    Teaming with families and communities.

    ·       Stewardship

    Using time, talents, material possessions, and wealth for the service of God and His creatures.

    ·        Academic Excellence

    Valuing the scholarship of discovery, teaching, learning, integration, and engagement.

    ·        Guiding Ethic

    Holy Scriptures as our standard, love as our law, and mercy as our message