The Master of Science in Management Information Systems at UNILAK intends to focus on preparing postgraduates students with issues related to application, integration, training and administration of computing technologies which meets both organizational and societal needs.

The main purpose of the programme is to equip the postgraduate students to deal with complex issues in Management information systems and related industries at both the national and international levels. Graduates in this program should be able to take up senior managerial posts of Management Information systems in government departments and also private sector  where they will be instrumental in strategic Management of Information Systems. The program duration is two years for full time students. Each year shall be divided into two semesters. Upon graduation, graduates from this program will be able to have expertise which will offer them more opportunities in different areas of business industry and government departments where computers are in use. These areas include: website management, E-commerce development, decision support systems, credit and billing systems, inventory control systems, software product development, knowledge management systems and business analysis.