Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

About the program

The role of any organization’s marketing department in its success is undeniable. This scenario calls for highly skilled and employable marketing professionals to fulfill the needs of dynamic business environments.

It is against this background that the Department of Marketing at UNILAK was established. This department aimed at training caliber graduates ready to meet the needs of the industry by
developing an understanding of consumer behaviour and the broader environment within the operations of the organization; identifying, communicating with, and satisfying customers;  creating a positive image of the organization; among others. Our marketing courses enables undergraduates students to develop a mastery of their profession, operate effectively in today’s competitive market and deliver exceptional services by fulfilling the needs of any industry’s customers, stakeholders and employees.

Degree awarded

The Department of Marketing offers courses leading to the award of Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing.

Duration of the program

The duration for the Bachelor’s degree in Marketing is 3 years for full-time students.

Graduates career prospects

Marketing is a large field that is required by almost every type of business. Marketing graduates can be assigned to a wide variety of marketing functions such as: advertising, sales management, general marketing management, marketing research, marketing strategy, public relations, retail management, database marketing, E-commerce marketing, consumer promotions and special events marketing, brand/product management, global marketing, purchasing and distribution management, services marketing, marketing communications, customer relationship
management, etc. Some of the positions graduates with a marketing degree might land in include those of marketing manager, product manager, sales manager, advertising manager, brand manager, retail manager, communications manager, market researcher, events and promotions manager, public relations, and many more.