Liberians students provide vital aid to Kibinja Cell residents

On May 20, 2024, Liberian students from UNILAK Nyanza campus, representing the REACH Association, extended a helping hand to the needy residents of Kibinja Cell. These dedicated students distributed 200 medical insurance policies and 200 pairs of bodaboda shoes.

Liberians students provide vital aid to Kibinja Cell residents

The initiative, aimed at improving the health and welfare of Kibinja Cell’s vulnerable population, was met with heartfelt appreciation from the local residents. The provision of medical insurance ensures that the beneficiaries will have access to essential healthcare services, a critical need in an area where medical costs often pose a significant barrier to receiving proper care.

The REACH Association, known for its commitment to community service and development, organized this outreach as part of its broader mission to support underprivileged communities. This latest effort underscores the association’s dedication to making tangible improvements in the lives of those in need.

“We are deeply moved by the generosity and support of the UNILAK students and the REACH Association,” said a representative from Kibinja Cell’s local council. “Their contributions will have a lasting impact on our community, ensuring better health and improved quality of life for many.”

This act of kindness from the Liberian students highlights the power of youth engagement in addressing global challenges and emphasizes the importance of educational institutions in promoting social responsibility. The successful distribution event not only provided immediate relief but also inspired hope and solidarity among the residents of Kibinja Cell.