A student at University of Lay Adventists of Kigali inside Kigali Campus

Bachelor's Degree in Law

About the program

The faculty of law provides the largest range and number of subjects at the undergraduate level, reflecting a high demand for specialist skills in a globalized environment. Its aim is to offer quality and practical legal training for professionals and other actors in the legal sector. The legal training provided is also complemented by an introduction to other social sciences, such as economics, statistics, and political science. Outside of the legal profession, the skills developed by law graduates can also be transferable to a wide range of contexts, such as politics, administration, business (insurance companies, banks, etc.), management, academics, and other job sectors.

The programme is taught through a combination of lectures and seminars. Lectures are geared to passing on knowledge with a critical outlook and establishing basic concepts. Seminars, which are taught in small groups, encourage active participation and nurture problem-solving abilities.

and promote the use of the skills that law professionals require.

Degree awarded

Successful completion of an undergraduate program leads to the award of a bachelor’s degree in law.

Duration of the degree program

The period of study for the program is three years for full-time students.

Graduate career prospects

A law degree opens up a wide range of career opportunities in many fields. Graduates from the faculty of Law can be employed as: Lawyer, Judge, Court clerk, Public prosecutor, Legal drafter, Notary, Legal advisors, Legal career counselors, Tax inspectors, Labor inspectors, Diplomats, Legal consultants, Lecturers, Legal researchers, Contract administrators, Legal analysts, Human rights observers, Property managers, Paralegals, Civil servants, etc.