Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology

Communication network has become a crucial platform for the world of ICT. It plays an important role in enabling communication in organization and also on a personal level. In this regard, the Department of Information Technology aims to produce graduates with a broad background across fundamental areas of information technology along with a depth of
understanding in a particular area of interest within the domain of networking and multimedia. This Department lays emphasis on knowledge base of students in critical areas such as networking, programming, web technology, multimedia and database. Graduates from this Department are prepared to design, develop, support, and manage computer hardware, computer software, and information networks, including the Internet.

Degree awarded

Successful completion of the program leads to the awarded of a Bachelor of Information Technology  with options  of  Networking or Multimedia.

Duration of the program

The duration for the Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology is 3 years for full-time students.

Graduates career prospects

 There are a wide variety of career opportunities available to graduates in Information technology. Some jobs whereby IT degree would be useful include: Computer programmer, Application developer, Cartographer, Database administrator, Geographical information systems officer, Information security analyst/specialist, Information systems manager, IT consultant, Network administrator, Server administrator, Computer systems analyst, IT technical support officer, Multimedia programmer/specialist, Software tester, Systems analyst, Systems developer, IT project manager, Web designer, Web developer, IT trainer, and Secondary school teacher among many others.