Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance

About the program

The Department of Finance provides instruction to students in aspects of management and finance. Finance students learn how to raise funds, invest, allocate funds to investments, and manage capital. In addition to the core modules, students also learn general modules designed to provide with them general knowledge of humanities, social sciences, basic sciences, computer, languages and cross-cultures which will enable them to work well in multicultural environments.

The objectives of the Department of Finance are to:

  • Train students in aspects of management and finance;
  • Provide advanced training in specific areas pertaining to the field of business;
  • Provide students with professional skills that will enable them to determine failure or success in business organizations;
  • Expose students to knowledge, skills and values of good business practice;
  • Produce responsible and competent professionals and leaders;
  • Conduct academic research in finance.

The method of teaching integrates lectures with practical activities to enable students to understand the application of their studies. The program also enables students to develop strong ethical, critical, analytical, and problem-solving skills to adapt the various finance models to dynamic business environment.

Degree awarded

Successful pursuit of this undergraduate program leads to the award of a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance.

Duration of the program

The duration of the Bachelor’s degree in Finance is 3 years for full-time students.

Graduate career prospects

Graduates in finance can work in a variety of settings, including private and public sector firms, major corporations, investment banks, and management consulting firms. Typical positions with a finance degree include but are not limited to: Finance officer, Personal financial advisor, Financial controller, Financial manager, Treasurer, Credit manager, Loan officer, Cash manager, Financial analyst, Financial planner, Underwriter, Asset manager, Real estate broker, Public finance officer, Capital markets officer, portfolio manager, Operations manager, Branch
manager, Financial services sales agent, Investment advisor, etc. Furthermore, finance graduates are competent enough to launch their own businesses.