UNILAK Nyanza Campus shines at Nyanza District Open Day Exhibition

Nyanza District, in collaboration with the Joint Action Development Forum organized an Open Day event aimed at showcasing the various development activities and programs in the area. Among the participants, UNILAK Nyanza Campus took center stage, proudly displaying its programs and highlighting its notable achievements.

The event which took two days from June 29th to June 30th, 2023 provided an excellent opportunity for the university to connect with the community and display its commitment to the development of Nyanza District and the country in general.

The exhibition attracted a significant number of visitors, including members of the Nyanza District community, students and officials from the district administration.

Visitors, who came to the stand of UNILAK Nyanza Campus, were eager to learn more about the institution and its contributions to the community. The campus had prepared an impressive display, featuring detailed information about its academic programs, extracurricular activities, and successful initiatives.

The visitors were particularly impressed by the campus’s commitment to community development, applauding its various initiatives aimed at uplifting the surrounding areas.

UNILAK Nyanza Campus has been actively involved in projects related to environmental conservation, ICT innovation and social welfare, thus making a significant impact on the lives of the local population.

Members of the Nyanza District community expressed their appreciation for UNILAK’s dedication to improving the welfare of the people. The university’s focus on providing quality education and its initiatives to empower students beyond the classroom were highly commended.

Officials from Nyanza District present at the event also recognized the university’s outstanding contributions to the district’s development. They commended the University for its Holistic Approach to education and for fostering a supportive environment that nurtures students’ talents and aspirations.

At the conclusion of the exhibition, UNILAK Nyanza Campus was awarded the prestigious title of 1st Runner-Up, underscoring its significant accomplishments and the impact it has made within the community and the country at large.

The campus’ representatives were thrilled to receive the recognition and expressed their gratitude to everyone who had supported their journey.

The Open Day event organized by Nyanza District and the Joint Action Development Forum served as a platform for UNILAK Nyanza Campus to showcase its educational programs and demonstrate its commitment to community development.