UNILAK invites researchers worldwide to share innovative insights at international conference on sustainable management of natural resources

In a bid to address pressing global challenges related to the environment, energy, and development, UNILAK has announced its plans to host an international conference. Scheduled for the 8th of November 2023, the conference will focus on the theme of “Sustainable Management of Natural Resources.” Researchers and experts from around the world are invited to submit their papers and contribute to the discourse on finding sustainable solutions for the planet’s most critical resources.

With the increasing recognition of the urgent need to balance economic growth with environmental preservation, the conference aims to provide a platform for interdisciplinary discussions and collaborations. UNILAK’s initiative seeks to foster innovative thinking, share groundbreaking research, and generate actionable strategies for managing natural resources in a sustainable manner.

The conference will feature keynote speeches from renowned experts in the fields of environment, energy, and development, setting the stage for insightful deliberations. Attendees can expect a diverse range of topics, including renewable energy technologies, conservation strategies, sustainable agriculture practices, climate change mitigation, and equitable development pathways.

Dr. Christophe Mupenzi, Dean of the faculty of Environmental Studies at UNILAK, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming event. “Our world is facing unprecedented challenges that require a united effort from the global research community. This conference will provide a platform for researchers to exchange ideas, share findings, and collaborate on innovative solutions that can shape a more sustainable future.”

Prospective presenters are encouraged to submit their papers by the specified deadline to ensure a comprehensive program that reflects the latest developments in the field. The organizing committee will evaluate submissions based on their relevance, originality, and potential impact. Accepted papers will be presented through oral presentations, poster sessions, and panel.