UNILAK has organized research seminars for final year students.

The Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management at the University of Lay Adventists of Kigali recently organized a two-day research seminar aimed at preparing final year students for their upcoming dissertations. The seminars, held from June 2nd to 3rd and June 24th to 25th, 2023, were conducted at the UNILAK Nyanza and Rwamagana campuses, respectively.

The research seminars provided an excellent opportunity for students to refine their research skills under the guidance of experienced faculty members. Recognizing the importance of proper preparation before embarking on their dissertation projects, the dean of the faculty, Dr. Christine Umumarangu emphasized the value of sharpening research skills during the seminars.

“Throughout the two-day event, students were equipped with essential knowledge on various aspects of research. They were trained on the different steps involved in conducting research, including methodological considerations for data collection and analysis, both for quantitative and qualitative data” said Dr Christine.

“Additionally, the seminars focused on teaching students how to effectively make references, a crucial component of academic writing” she added.

The students expressed their gratitude towards the university for initiating these research seminars. They acknowledged the significance of the training in enhancing their research capabilities and thanked the faculty for providing such a valuable opportunity.

Furthermore, the students demonstrated their commitment to producing research of high quality, with the intention of publishing their work in local and international journals.

The research seminars organized by the Faculty of Economic Sciences and management have not only provided students with a solid foundation in research methodologies but have also instilled a sense of enthusiasm and motivation among them.

By encouraging students to pursue publication in both local and international journals, the faculty has inspired a culture of academic excellence and contribution to the wider research community.

The Faculty remains committed to nurturing future researchers and equipping them with the tools necessary for success in their academic pursuits.


The same seminar is being organized for final year students from UNILAK-Kigali Campus.