Liberian Students Elect New Committee and Extend Appreciation to UNILAK RwamaganaManagement

Liberian students at UNILAK Rwamagana Campus have elected a new committee lead by Mr.
Allison Gonmiah to represent their interests and facilitate their activities on campus. The
interim committee, took the opportunity to express their gratitude to the university’s
management for their support and excellent services provided to the Liberian student
The newly elected committee comprises a diverse group of dedicated students who will now
work together to address the needs and concerns of the Liberian student population.
The outgoing interim committee members praised the management of UNILAK Rwamagana
Campus for their invaluable support and services that have been instrumental in the growth
and well-being of the Liberian student community. The management was recognized for
providing assistance, a conducive learning environment, and other services that have made the
students’ academic journey smoother and more enriching.
As a symbol of their appreciation, the interim committee presented the university’s
management with a certificate of gratitude.
“The certificate not only acknowledged the university’s ongoing commitment to the welfare of
the Liberian students but also highlighted the positive impact that this collaboration has had on
our academic and personal development;” said Mr. Dumoe GBEMELEN, the interim president.
Mr Dushime Peter Emmerson , the head of student’s affairs at UNILAK Rwamagana Campus,
accepted the certificate on behalf of the university’s management. He expressed his delight at
the successful election and the appreciation shown by the students. Mr. Emmerson reiterated
the university’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for all its
international students.
In a brief statement, the newly elected committee members emphasized their dedication to
representing the interests and concerns of Liberian students at Rwamagana Campus. They
pledged to work closely with both their fellow students and the university’s management to
ensure a harmonious and productive relationship that benefits all parties involved.
The Liberian students at Rwamagana Campus are looking forward to the positive changes and
initiatives that the new committee will introduce during their term. The university’s
management, in turn, has reaffirmed its commitment to continued support and collaboration
with the Liberian student community.